Whale tale from home

My family (as is apparent by my ‘nickname’) is from Alaska. My grandfather was a superintendent who commercial fished in the summers as augmentation to the wallet to feed his family of 7. At any rate, most of my aunts and uncles went on to different things, but one never lost the desire to fish commercially. I get random email messages from this particular uncle from time to time, telling a great story of a good fishing day, or tales of ‘the one that got away’.

Well, I got one the other day from him that I just had to put up for y’all.

Check out his (unedited) email before scrolling down and looking at the photo.

Well.. while out fishing the other day we say a couple of whales

rolling, finning and occasionally jumping out of the water. We stopped to

watch and while watching the whale surfaced about 15' ... yep that's feet,

from the boat, the big guy went completely airborne blotting out my

whole windshield view from the boat. He landed about ten feet off the bow

of the boat, sending a wave of water over the whole boat, the wave

washed completely over the boat and up into the cab getting me soaked in

the process. One of my customers with a knee jerk reaction happened to

take this picture as the whale was beginning his leap...

Needless to say I slammed the vessel into high gear and hauled ass....

I belive that this was his way of warning us to keep clear.... so ...

we did.

Quite the shot, It would have turned out better, but the gal (an older

woman) while showing the picture on her digital camera accidentally

deleted it..... we were all pretty bummed out, but the gal had the

picture re-claimed from her trash can, so the remake is not the quality that

was originally shot. Still all in all a great picture and a pretty cool

story to boot.

You can just see the railing of the boat, it's about 7 feet off the

water so I belive he cleared at Least 8 feet horizontally when he was

completely out of the water, pretty awesome stuff.

All for now


Whale Time

How cool is that?


6 Responses to “Whale tale from home”


    […] fellow Alaskan Clay has an even better…letter from home (with a MUST-SEE photo attached). […]

  2. Sam Says:

    Holy crap! Gotta love the AK, yo. In fact, I’m enjoying me some AK right now.

  3. mrod Says:

    BOOM! That’s the sound my mind makes whenever I see that photo of the whale. Damn, what an amazing sight.

  4. Neff Says:

    “buh-da-bah-bat-bah, I’m lovin’ it”

  5. alaska aggregator Says:

    alaska aggregator

    Melting glaciers unearth new challenges. At first sight,

  6. Day 5: 2 adventures by the 2 Groups: Bear Viewing & fishing on the Spit « adventures in obscurity Says:

    […] is the uncle who worked on the ice roads and sent me the whale photos in earlier posts. […]

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