Chris on Babies

Me: i gotta work late tonight

Chris: yea yea yea

Me: one of my staff is out b/c his wife is having a baby

Chris: u &888d%F%4 ^^@##%^$^

Chris: so what?

Me: i should be home by 6:30 or 7

Chris: tell em to hae another

Me: lol

Chris: that’s their personal problem

Chris: they shouldn’t make personal issues work issues

Chris: because now it affects you and me

Chris: that’s selfish

Me: agreed

Me: alas… still have to work late

Chris: that’s like letting one live and having 3 die versus killing the one and letting the three live

Chris: k

Chris: well I piss on your coworker

Chris: u can tell him that too

Me: ok

Chris: i hope his kid becomes gay


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