Chris on Gunfights and Tacos

Chris: all that work just to go and arrest some old guy?

Chris: no shoot out?

Chris: no busting down doors and tackling

Chris: nothing life threatening

Chris: there’s nothing exciting to that

Chris: I would be bored stiff

Chris: u know…spend a month or so gathering info and evidence

Chris: then get a massive force to arrest and there’s no explosions or people getting shot or excitement

Chris: I mean…if you’re dressed for a fight you might as well throw a punch

Me: yeah, most of that work is the pre-arrest stuff and gathering evidence

Chris: yea…but to me it would be a let down

Chris: like a huge gun battle would be like the climax

Chris: but I know id want to be in one

Chris: but im crazy

Me: makes sense in a wierd way

Chris: thanks

Chris: that makes me feel normal

Me: do you ever feel normal?

Chris: how am I supposted to know when i feel different

Me: just making sure

Chris: i just need a liscence that says freedom to do anything

Me: move to africa.

Chris: really?

Me: yeah, you can do pretty much whatever you want there with enough money and guns.

Chris: could I eat tacos for breakfast, lunch and supper

Me: well… i suppose.

Chris: that’s hott

Me: you could do that here too though. w/o guns or money

Chris: would it really be as fun though


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