Politics / Observation

So I’ve become a big fan of this Barack Obama character. I started following his rise about a year ago and have liked just about everything I’ve seen or read about him since. I listened to his audio book on a drive to Buffalo this past summer, voted for him in the primaries, and have donated a small chunk of my hard earned cash to his campaign.

Being the young, technically savvy, time constrained person that I’ve become, I’ve got to commend the campaign on their ability to unobtrusively  convince me to part with said money. I get a few emails a week, notifying me of this or that, and I rarely feel as though I’m being spammed. Yesterday I got an email notifying me of an opportunity to ‘win’ dinner with Barack. In order to enter this contest, all I had to do was hop online and make another donation – as large or small as I pleased.

Thinking it would be pretty cool to have dinner with a future president, and recently desiring to donate more to the campaign anyway,  I logged in and put down another chunk of change. There were options for donations ranging from $15 to $2,300 with an extra box for ‘other’. The options weren’t really in round numbers, and instead of donating a standard amount (let’s say $100 for the sake of argument) I selected a
radio button for an unorthodox amount (let’s say $120).

So let’s review. By being unobtrusive, appealing to my selfish desire to a) have a candidate that I like in the white house and b) to potentially have dinner with said candidate, and by using unorthodox radio buttons, the campaign was able to get me to not only donate money, but to donate MORE money than I would have otherwise.

I’m not sure if I should feel duped or proud.

Go Barack.

On another note, if Clinton and McCain are  the candidates for President, there will NEVER in my voting life have NOT been a Clinton or a Bush on the ballot. How f’d is that?


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