Chris on My Blog

Chris: I did not say that statment on Obama

Me <AUTO-REPLY>: I’m not here right now

Chris: it looks like I did and I dont want to

Me: lol

Me: no it doesnt

Me: it’s MY BLOG

Chris: yea…so why would you put it under the crazy man section

Chris: it doesn’t make any sense

Me: i didn’t

Chris: yea you did

Me: it’s under ‘dear diary’ and ‘politics’

Me: look again

Me: you’re wrong.

Chris: then you moved it

Me: nope

Me: i’m confrontational.

Me: don’t f with me

Me: buddy.


Chris: right there

Chris: first post

Me: right…

Chris: yea

Me: how is that your section?

Chris: I called it


Me: whatever.


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