Ice Road tale from Home

My Alaskan Uncle is back at it with his awesome Alaskan life. This time he’s building an ice road

TO All:
Just a few pictures to show a little of what goes on in the Arctic, Its turning to spring and the temp has warmed up to -30 F It has gone to -57 to 60 below so were kinda jazzed that spring is on it’s way. Daylight is now at 10:30 PM sunset with gray light sunrise at just about 6:00 am… to cool…. spring time In Alaska
The shot of the Nothern Lights is at sunset so I was just able to capture the rements of daylight with the first lights of the evening.
The other is of our drill rig it’s at approx 5oo’ elevation, quite the operaton to build the Ice road then haul the rig to Location
Note the wolves in the background:
Check out the Northern Lights. The natives (read: my family) believe that the lights are our ancestors showing themselves from the spirit world. You’re supposed to whistle when you see them.
Sunrise, sunset, or noon, any way you look at it, this is one cool picture.
Trucks on the Ice Road

2 Responses to “Ice Road tale from Home”

  1. AKSam Says:

    It never gets old, does it?

  2. Day 5: 2 adventures by the 2 Groups: Bear Viewing & fishing on the Spit « adventures in obscurity Says:

    […] This is the uncle who worked on the ice roads and sent me the whale photos in earlier posts. (previously) […]

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