Chris on A New Career

Chris: we should get into art theft

Chris: chicks dig art

Me: why don’t you make it?

Me: you’re an artist

Chris: stealing is cooler

Me: maybe

Chris: it is …totally

Me: and illegaler

Chris: legality isn’t a moral or ethical question but rules created by an opposing force because they know they can

Chris: legality is more like a philosophy than something tangible or proven

Me: while in an abstract sense, you’re right, you still live in this society and choose to live within it’s rulesets

Chris: I don’t believe in legality

Me: and yet it affects you

Chris: for now

Chris: things can change

Me: it’s kind of like god in that sense

Chris: no…if push came to shove I’d go right destorying

Chris: to*

Me: destroying what?

Chris: so would a lot of people…hence the Revolutionary war

Chris: whatver I have to

Chris: gotta go

Me: later dude


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