Chris on Penguins

Chris: man…sometimes I wish a sleigh pulled by flying penguins would come pick me up and take me home

Sancho: yeah… that would be nice

Chris: maybe even provide a snack

Chris: and a hooker

Chris: 3 hookers

Sancho: yeah… what’s not to love about that?

Chris: well if you get little people you’d be pissed

Sancho: yeah.. you’d need to specify that the hookers be attractive, disease-free, female humans… you wouldn’t wanna end up with penguin hookers

Sancho: cuz penguins can be whores

Chris: disease free?

Chris: I’d be more concerned with the little people aspect

Chris: I’m the epitomy of health

Sancho: haha… i dunno.. i think i’d bang a little person hooker because I’d bang a big person hooker with AIDS

Chris: oh…I thought you meant like the clap

Chris: yea Aids would be bad…bring on the midgets

Chris: lucky for us the odds of getting one is low let alone 3

Sancho: I wish we could use the phrase “bring on the midgets” more often in our daily lives

Chris: it rather does fill one with a sense of excitement

Chris: like something out of the ordinary is about to occur

Chris: comin home…bring on the midgets

Sancho: word


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