Random thoughts from ‘The Alaskan’

I’ve started a new quest. Much like my quest for 185, I’m on a quest to drop a few more lbs for summer. I started this week off at a hefty 189 lbs and have set my 3 month goal at 175 lbs. I have until September 4th to drop the weight and I’m pretty confident that I can do so without vastly changing much aside from adding in a few workouts and eating a little healthier. I dropped down to 184 after my run this evening and a late lunch, so that’s already 5 lbs. Granted, most of that weight was water and pizza, but a gain is a gain (or would it be a loss is a gain?) and I’m happy about it.

I’ll be chronicling my workouts, gains and losses here with the help of www.mapmyrun.com along the way. You can also subscribe to my workout feed here.

So far this summer I’ve found it difficult to pull the 2 hours in the gym I usually put in 3 days a week on top of the 4 to 6 days of running that I’ve done in the past. With work, softball, and an active social life full of travel, my gym time has decreased further and further, and my caloric intake has increased  exponentially. It’s not so much that I’m looking to lose that much more weight, I’m just looking to get that fire back in my belly that spurs me on towards a leaner stronger version of myself; a ‘The Alaskan 2.0’ if you will.

Lately I’ve found that the fire for much in my life aside from that which is fun has dwindled. I’m not as motivated at work as I once was, and putting up an extra five lbs in the gym just doesn’t carry the same as it once did. That being said, I’m having an AWESOME time doing all of the fun things I want to. From road trips to West Virginia & Buffalo to  sky-diving (twice!) to Off Road Adventures to ATV trips to Vegas and crabbing on the beach, I’ve had an amazing summer with more to come with an epic trip to Alaska just a week away.

More to follow soon, so stay tuned, come often, and if you REALLY want to know what’s going on with me on a moment-to-moment basis, subscribe to my twitter feed at http://twitter.com/thealaskan.

I’m also growing a beard for my Grand Alaskan Adventure. What do you think?

Me With a Beard


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One Response to “Random thoughts from ‘The Alaskan’”

  1. Sara Says:

    Yes I like the beard and yes I am as excitedas you, if not more so, about FOTC. I love that show. “I’m not cryin’ it’s just raining on my face…”

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