My Alaskan Adventure – Travel and Day 1

I’m writing this entry on the way back from my epic adventure to Alaska. It’s been one hell of a ride. I was in Alaska for roughly 10 days and am now quite thoroughly on Alaska time – apparent by the fact that I’m wide awake at 1am Alaska Time (5am Eastern) with no sense of sleep in my future despite being an impeccable airline sleeper.

All in all, I was able to accomplish everything that I wanted to while in Alaska and a tremendous amount more than I anticipated. I get ahead of myself.

The grand adventure began at noon on the dot Friday, the 13th of June when, after successfully navigating the song and dance that is TSA ‘Security,’ I plopped myself down and took a long break from my quest for 175 with a tall glass of icy cold beer and a steak hoagie yuppied up by being served on flatbread with seasoned fries. Ah, pretentious DC, how I did not miss thee.

A short eleven or twelve hours later, I landed in the Anchorage International Airport to be happily greeted by my dad and three buddies who made the trek up to Alaska in the days and hours prior to my arrival. It being 10pm, the sun was naturally out and we drove our sweet new rental SUV the hour out of town to my pops place, stopped for beer, and proceeded to get packed up for an early departure for the mountain hike.

Arrive successfully: CHECK


One Response to “My Alaskan Adventure – Travel and Day 1”

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