Self Proclaimed Computer Illiterate for POTUS?

From Politico to John McCain:

Q: Do you use a Blackberry or e-mail?

Mr. McCain: No.

Are we seriously considering a candidate who hasn’t yet hopped on the Technology bandwagon? My 79 year old Grandfather uses e-mail. I signed up for my first online email account when I was fourteen, and was using computers well before that. Corporate America — Capitol Hill for that matter — would crumble should blackberrys and email suddenly disappear. (Why do you think the e-mail delivery giant wasn’t crushed by congress?)

Argh. My frustration has reached new levels. I realize that this is a petty issue when considering candidates for the ‘Leader of The Free World’ but it’s the implications more than the act that really irk me.


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2 Responses to “Self Proclaimed Computer Illiterate for POTUS?”

  1. mrod Says:

    Yea, seriously.

    Although once in office, contemporary presidents avoid email because it creates a paper trail that can be subpoenaed. Even, as you and I know, deleted emails can be recovered.

    Also, there’s the further issue of whether a President has the time or should be using email. You and I have enough crap emails to wade through. This extends to the larger issue of the organizational structure of a presidency and how information is filtered or distributed. Clinton, being an incredibly sharp policy wonk instituted a “spoke-and-wheel” structure where he received information from everyone. On the other hand you have Nixon and Bush Jr who have a pyramid style where information is funneled and distilled through a very few people who controlled access to the president.

  2. mrod Says:

    Oh yea, it’s totally frightful that McCain (and many members of Congress) is not only computer illiterate, but sort of proud of that fact. It’s all the more scary when they are creating and passing legislation regarding communication.

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