Notes on Cars

I park (legally) in a neighborhood close to my office on a curve by a few big apartment buildings. It’s not too far from my office and I find the 1/2 mile walk to be a good decompression from work to home and vice verse. Lately, parking on ‘the hill’ has become a bit difficult as people have found this little niche of free parking and begun to exploit it. No worries there as I tend to get in early.

For the most part, people park well in the unmarked spots and are cognizant of one another’s space. The past few weeks, however, have been a different story. There is a single silver Honda that parks about ten feet in front of the ‘no parking’ sign, essentially taking up two spaces as ten feet is not enough space to park in, and the resulting space taken up throws off parking for the rest of the curve. This has wrought havoc on the parking situation on the curve, allowing for only four cars to park where once there fit six.

Two weeks of seeing the same silver honda parked taking up two spots, and having to park farther away as a result, prompted me to take action. Today, when parking far away from my usual spot on the curve, I thought to write a note. My first impression was to write ‘stop parking like an asshole’ in key on the hood.

This struck me as excessive.

I opted instead to write a note on yellow loose leaf stating ‘please stop taking up 2 parking spots’ and sliding it under the windshield wiper.

I’ll let you know how things turn out.

If they keep parking like that, the next note will be stuck to the windshield with fecal matter.

[EDIT] Success! They parked like a good citizen today.



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