Nautical Weekend

A few weekends back I decided to do a few things in the District that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Namely paddle boating in the Tidal basin and Kayaking the Potomac.

I went out on Saturday with my sister and a coworker and his family. In the interest of my buddy, I won’t put any pictures up of him, but some are pretty good. PM me if you want to see them. (or use your internet savvy to find ’em yourself)

Notice that I’m bringing the beard back. I am a mountain-man stuck in a city that loves starbucks and banana republic. Quite the conundrum.

Baby sister is getting pretty good with the camera. She took this one without any kind of framing whatsoever by me:

The Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial

Note line six:

I love that they have to tell you that “Fast pedaling can cause rapid tiring of legs.”

Afterwords I encouraged her to climb trees. She gets caught being thoughtful.

After paddle boating, we walked up to the metro and headed back over the bridge to Virginia. It’s great to have a little kid around sometimes.

Sunday morning, Lois Lane and I awoke early to trek out on the Potomac and try our hand at kayaking.

At 8 bucks an hour per boat, I was pretty happy to be out there for a few hours.

The Dock:

Quite the paddling group:

I got some pretty sweet tan lines from the personal floatation device.

My Feet + Georgetown = Art.

I love the key-bridge from within the river:

Loved it.


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