Weekend Antics

This past weekend I went out not one, but both nights in rare form. It was a blast.

Friday night was the opening ceremony for the Olympics (to which I reply: YAWN) I couldn’t really care less.  Yay America, and I’m happy for those athletes that have won, but really, at the end of the day, I’ll forget all about each and every one of them until they grace the cover of a magazine again.

Any way.

We went out in Dupont and hit up Buffalo Billiards for a few. It was a nice night out so we sat outside and enjoyed a few drinks. We then opted to hop in a cab and head out to another place across town. On our way to the cabs we came across a brass band putting on a free show. Drunk kids rejoice – free concert!

I wanted to stay and watch, but alas, had already hailed a cab who was impatiently waiting. Ah well.

Afterward we went to this tiny dance club and watched people shake it.

One fella was pretty happy to be out, and stood there with his hands behind his head grinding the air, or random women as they passed by.

Attempting to fit in, SteveDave and Sancho rock their best “I’m a Douchebag” poses:

Towards the end of the night we decided to head back to VA. We saw a great Steam-Roller along the way and Sancho thought “Photo Op”

Thus ended Friday Night.

Saturday morning came early and I trekked up to the Aquarium in Baltimore for some kid-friendly fun with my sister.

There were all sorts of fish and sea life around. I passed the camera over to baby sister and let her snap a few shots. Here’s one:

After a few hours of Aquarium fun, we headed back to DC and I dropped off my sis with my mom then quickly got ready to go to the Bills/Redskins pre-season game.

Sancho scored some awesome Club Level seats and got us into the barbecue pre-party for free. 2 plates of Barbecue, a game of Madden on the 360 console, and some people-watching ensued before we took our seats.

Having had a few beers and a lot of fatty food, the evening game was rough to get through awake. We left early and I got home in time to head out again in Georgetown with Lois Lane.

A fun time was had by all and followed by a nice lazy Sunday.

Great weekend.


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