Inauguration 2009

I braved the crowds with Lois Lane, Sancho, and Pickles this week for both the Inaugural Concert and the ceremony itself. Full photo sets here and here respectively, but here are a few of my favorite shots:

This was at about 8am, after waiting on the train since 5:45. Note: this would usually take about twenty minutes. Apparently there was an accident at the top of the escalators where everyone was trying to get out. Because of this accident, they could only let a small stream of people through. Despite a fairly jovial crowd, chants of ‘let us out!’ rang throughout the PACKED metro station every few minutes.

Here is a sweet Obama Sweatshirt:

Pickles & Lois Lane Braving the cold and crowds:

I like the flag and the kid standing on his dad’s shoulders in this pic:

I don’t know how these kids stayed the whole time. At one point in the ceremony, the little girl pictured below fell asleep atop shoulders.

Leaving the mall with 2 million people was hectic at best. We opted to walk across one of the bridges, notably, the 14th street bridge, which was open to both cars and pedestrians. It was surreal. Along the walk, I caught a photo of the Jefferson Memorial from an angle I may never have again:

Look at all the people:

What a great day to be an American.


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3 Responses to “Inauguration 2009”

  1. mrod Says:

    Great photos Clay, especially that subway one. Look at em crowd. Crazy.

  2. Keith (Cousac) Says:

    Great photos I think I can see the back of my head in on of your shots.

  3. Mike Says:

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