Attempting to bring it back

I read a stat the other day that something like 97% of blogs have been abandoned – meaning that they have not been updated in the last 120 days and I realized that I was one of those truant from my post(ing).  I’ve come to realize that I started this blog to share my adventures with friends across the nation, and in doing so, was able to capture a heck of a lot over the past few years. There’s a big gap there, but I’m hoping to recapture the magic. We’ll see what happens.

At any rate, more posts to come as I continue the adventuring.

I caught a NIN show last night that was pretty awesome down at Merriweather Post Pavilion – alas, no pictures because I was afraid of being caught in an epic thunder storm for the second time in one day, but the show rocked and the over priced food was actually quite tasty.

I’m off to Las Vegas on Thursday so I’ll be sure to post more upon my return. Until then… here’s to any of you that still follow me here.


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