Chris appreciates himself

Chris: man…i get irritated…i start thinking about society and people and religion and it makes me want to punch someone

Me: can you guess my response to that?

Chris: that’s why im not allowed to have a gun

Me: lol

Me: no, but that’s a good one

Me: what doesn’t make you want to punch someone?

Chris: no,…I just think most people are such selfish, brainwashed, self absorbed, stupid fools who have forgotten about hard work and breaking a sweat and feel like they all should have whatever they want when they want. Our fore fathers have given birth to the most pampered bunch of pussies and if all the starbucks were destroyed and all the high rises and we were left to fend for ourselves again, in the wilderness….most of us would all die from complaining.

Chris: hopefully im around so I can turn to someone and say…told you so

Chris: and it’s strange because im such a nice, caring person

Chris: hmm….I really am well rounded


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