Vegas for some fun

This past weekend I trekked out to Nevada with Lois Lane for a quick Vegas vacation. LL was in a wedding on Saturday so it was more of a wedding trip than anything else, but we still had a blast.

Right off the bat things started well, what with the Pepsi/Water machines nice and close to our room at the Imperial Palace:

Overall, the Imperial Palace was what you’d expect for the price: Great location, moderate food, service, and gambling. Not the best hotel I’ve stayed at on the strip by a long shot, but certainly worth the money for those looking for a bargain close to the action.

We arrived late on Thursday and didn’t make it out that night, so hit the strip early on Friday to take in the sights and a cocktail:

LL had to depart to take care of her wedding duties, so I took the opportunity to walk around and snap some shots at the Bellagio:

Love the water show:

I also hit it ‘big’ playing some Wheel of Fortune slots and managed to be up in Vegas – well, up enough for a few drinks any way.

The next morning LL had to be up bright and early for hair and makeup so we got room service to celebrate:

The wedding itself was a lot of fun, and fairly formal for a 12:00 wedding, but I forgot my camera so you’ll have to settle for this shot of the ‘porno dudes’ who line the strip and flick little cards advertising women. Seriously, these guys are everywhere:

We made it out later that night and had some fun gambling and ‘hitting the town’. Over all it was a fun trip, and it was great to get out into the desert for a few days and away from the rain that’s been plaguing DC for months now.


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