Thanks to the great folks at WeLoveDC I went to check out Artomatic last night with Lois Lane and my little sister. At eight, she enjoyed the peeps the most, but got a kick out of a lot of the artwork and left comments for the artists she found interesting, funny, or good.

One of my favorite peep dioramas was an ode to Sully on the Hudson, Genius!:

More pics after the jump.

And of course, “The Peep is Right”:

Here we are next to the giant Peep:

There was a TON of great artwork, nine floors to be exact, but I only snapped a photo of Lisa Schumater’s piece:

I found that I really enjoyed the comic book artwork and photographs. Some of the sculptures were a bit beyond my artistic taste, but overall, the two floors that I saw were great.

There was one piece about aliens that had two life sized dummies wrapped in tin-foil with a strap-on for anatomically correct parts. My sister saw this, scrunched her nose, and said ‘gross’ and calmly walked to the next piece. She’s growing up.

Another piece of performance art was on the first floor. A trio of guys were playing a guitar, bass, synthesizer, and vocals quite loud and they had an eery tribal sound to them. My sister immediately latched on to me and walked through the exhibit, excited to get out as quickly as possible. I like that she had such an impact from art and took enjoyment from the process. While some of the art is definitely not kid-friendly, there’s no reason to shelter your kids from this great event. If I had some more liquid cash, I’d have definitely picked up a piece or two.

Be sure to check out Artomatic before they depart on July 5th.


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