what walks in my subconscious?

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed in anime’. It began innocent enough – walking through an unfamiliar street with friends from my days as a younger man. Matt was there. Jay. Chris. Steve.  We laughed. Joked. Poked fun. Found ourselves in a bar; this is where things got weird. Naked, and painted to look like the wall behind him, stepped a man resembling Ron Meuck’s ‘Big Man.’ The Big Man stepped towards us, then burst through to an open terrace and ran.

Being the ever vigilant enforcer that I am (if only in my dreams) I took chase, and stepped out onto the platform. Running through the rain, in the way one can only run through the rain in an anime cartoon, was the Big Man below me on platforms surrounding a drab & cavernous pool. I dove into the pool, and found myself in an underwater series of caves. I swam. I swam in towards the big man, coming up for air in a small outcropping, where immediately I was shoved back down, the outcropping smashed by boulders above. Panic. Searching for air pockets, I see myself in third person sucking at bubbles at the top of the cave.

I awoke. Holding my breath.

Something’s gotta give soon. Let’s hope it’s not my sanity.


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