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MROD DC 2009

September 21, 2009

Who ever said I didn’t love CAPS?

MROD came down for a visit this weekend and between rocking out on Rockband Beatles and hopping bars, we went out for a mid-day excursion.

MROD waltzes down the street, excited for art.

The Smithsonian Castle through some foliage:

The Jump!

A lone ball at the Hirshhorn

Inside the Hirshhorn

I’m not sure why, but I really like this photo:

This guy stuck out as cool, too

How many days do you feel like that? Great from one side, incomplete from another. Deep man. Deep.

And I leave you with a shot of a bee’s behind.

Aside from the above, we hit up two of my favorite spots to grab a bite and a brew, namely Rustico in Alexandria with always tasty pizza (duck pizza no less) and then some Zaytinya the next night for the best Tapas in town. We also found a great (new?) cupcake place in Georgetown called Baked and Wired, which in my unsophisticated opinion, is far superior to Cake Love (at least the one in Shirlington).


Luray Caverns and Camping

September 17, 2009

Lois Lane and I trekked out to do some camping and canoeing with Mr. Brown and Matilda a few weekends ago and it was a GREAT way to spend the Labor day weekend.

Here’s some shots:

The river was lazy and smooth all weekend

With nothing but blue skies and some calm clouds

Mr Brown had a birthday, and was enjoying the last of a vice before the big day

I strung up my hammock for an afternoon ciesta

The campsite lit up at night with lanterns, campfires, and the full moon

I’ve been meaning to head out to Luray Caverns for some time now, but never really had the motivation to do so. Since we were camping only 20 minutes away though, Lois Lane and I opted for a morning visit to the Caverns befsore trekking back to DC on Sunday. We were not disappointed.

The caverns were discovered ages ago and have been lit up to look truly magnificent. The pictures hardly do it justice, but I’ll show you a bit of what we saw.

Here’s probably the most impressive part of the tour. You can’t really tell, but the ‘stalagmites’ at the bottom of the picture are actually stalactites reflecting in a pool of water from the stalactites above!

(note that I forgot my tripod so had to balance the camera on the cave surface in order to get a good shot that wasn’t washed out by a flash, hence the weird angles and strange foregrounds)

Another shot of the reflection:

Here’s a shot taken from about 4o feet away from the large mass. You can’t really tell how big these things really are without a point of reference, but they’re HUGE!

This big guy stands 40 feet tall and looks like a waterfall. Some also call it the “shaggy dog” which you can sort of see in this picture.

Some of the formations dripped in curtains instead of sharp points as you can see in front of Lois Lane here

We opted to wear the headphones to get a self-paced tour of the caverns.  I really enjoyed the experience. They had two versions for every stop, one that was for kids, and another for adults. I listened to the adult version (exciting stuff) but switched over to the kids version for one of the stops. While the adult version was entertaining, it was a bit dry and fact filled, and the Kids version reminded me of the scene from Jurassic Park where the animated DNA yucks it up to explain the science.

The big white formation in the back is called ‘the ghost’ I believe, because of it’s stark white color and solitude.

Overall it was a great way to spend an hour and well worth the trip. I recommend it to everyone.

Vegas for some fun

June 17, 2009

This past weekend I trekked out to Nevada with Lois Lane for a quick Vegas vacation. LL was in a wedding on Saturday so it was more of a wedding trip than anything else, but we still had a blast.


Heading West for a Fest

August 20, 2008

Just booked a trip out West to the great town of Denver, Colorado to partake in one of America’s great past times: Beer.

I’ll be checking out the Great American Beer Festival for at least one of its three days.

Should be fun.

Camping is fun.

August 18, 2008

I went tubing down the Shenandoah River this Saturday followed by some camping just off the river.

Mr Brown, Sancho, a big group of friends, and I all partook in the adventure.

Setting up camp:

Tubing was fun, if a bit slow at times, the tubes were brightly colored and most even came with convenient cup holders. We also opted for a floating-cooler to keep our beverages nice and chilly. Alas, we got the small one and ran out about an hour before the trip ended. Oh well.

I tossed my camera inside a zip-lock bag and threw it in the cooler. Alas, when I took out the camera for a photo, the lens immediately fogged up. Thus, this was my last shot from the water:

The river got pretty shallow at times, but it moved along nicely for the most part, and we only had to stand up and dislodge ourselves once or twice.

Mr Brown jumped out of his Tube into the (seemingly) deep water and managed to gash his foot pretty good on a rock.

He ended up having to get stitches the next day, but managed to pony up for the rest of the tubing adventure and camping for the night.

To solve that old, sustainable light issue, Mr Brown packed a few glow sticks. Little did he know that they came with strings attached and were perfect for raver-based fun.

Everything’s great in O-8:

Camping out is always great, but my favorite part is sitting by the fire and watching the embers move in the flame.

While tooling around with the settings on my camera, I found a new mode that takes a string of pictures, presumably to patch together at a later time, for I really can’t see another use for it. That is, until I took this set:

As you all know, I loves me some light-art.

There was a full moon out and I did my best to capture it’s essence filtering down through the leafy trees:

Here’s a link to the full size which does it slightly more justice.

All in all, it was a great time. I fell asleep relatively early (just before midnight) and awoke to the sound of playing children at 7:30 in the morning. We were supposed to hike ‘Old Rag’ mountain but due to Mr. Brown’s injury (and a serious case of laziness) we opted to head back to Arlington and take in some calories at the Silver Diner instead.