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MROD DC 2009

September 21, 2009

Who ever said I didn’t love CAPS?

MROD came down for a visit this weekend and between rocking out on Rockband Beatles and hopping bars, we went out for a mid-day excursion.

MROD waltzes down the street, excited for art.

The Smithsonian Castle through some foliage:

The Jump!

A lone ball at the Hirshhorn

Inside the Hirshhorn

I’m not sure why, but I really like this photo:

This guy stuck out as cool, too

How many days do you feel like that? Great from one side, incomplete from another. Deep man. Deep.

And I leave you with a shot of a bee’s behind.

Aside from the above, we hit up two of my favorite spots to grab a bite and a brew, namely Rustico in Alexandria with always tasty pizza (duck pizza no less) and then some Zaytinya the next night for the best Tapas in town. We also found a great (new?) cupcake place in Georgetown called Baked and Wired, which in my unsophisticated opinion, is far superior to Cake Love (at least the one in Shirlington).